Project Catwalk, friends and drama! My First Blog!

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well this is my first ever blog hello and welcome!!! I hope to keep this as a fashion blog to tell you about all the latest trends at the moment but for today im gona tell you a little more about me and how I got here. a lot of people have asked me why I did project catwalk, well why not?? its something I always wanted to do, it was a little scary and nerve wracking going for the first interview but I had my mate Mary Claire telling me I could do it and loaning me knickers on the way. I suppose I should explain that one, well when I was going over to London for my final audition I had to bring my portfolio and we were given a project to do, to make a garment taking inspiration from a mans shirt. So I had everything in my suitcase, when I landed in Heathrow Airport the night before on my way to MCK’s my bag was no where to be seen. Well needless to say I had a nervous breakdown in front of two strangers and an Air Lingus employee, I remember crying on my knees in the middle of Heathrow Airport! The poor guy that worked for Air Lingus didnt know what to say but assured me he would get me my suitcase the next day. I some how made it to Mary Claires, and I tried to figure out how I was going to manage the audition the next day with no portfolio, no project, and no clothes. Well its a good thing I have such good friends because thanks to Mary Cliaire I had a toothbrush and a change of knickers for the next day. My suitcase did arrive but not till way after the audition was over, it didnt seem to matter anyway because I was in. I was asked in the audition how much do you really want this, I said “how much do you think i’ve been wearing the same clothes for 24 hours and im not wearing my own knickers”. Im not sure if they thought I was insane or just saying anything to get attention but whatever it was it worked.

I did make sure Ben Di Lisi looked at my garment when my suitcase finally arrived, I even modeled it for him myself (and the matching knickers) A part of me will always think that I was only on it coz they wanted a token Irish person, because there me and another Irish girl auditioning , but I know im a good designer so hopefully I was there for that reason too. It was a surreal experience I was there totally on my own and knew no-one, and everyone else seemed to know each other already, it was like primary school all over again!! So by the end of the day we were down to the final 17 and the following week I had to fly back again for a phyco-analysis just to be sure I wasnt too insane to be in the house, surprisingly I passed with flying colours! So within two weeks there I was standing suitcase in hand,on the corner of Oxford St and Regent St filming a piece, walking around London as if I had just arrived. Initially I was meant to walk around looking lost with a London A-Z map in my hand(I quickly said no to that, im not a total igiot thanks!!)

Filming my entrance going in to the house was ssoo bizarrre, I felt like I was an alien but I didnt mind the camera or having to talk. We had to hand over our phones, we got them back on our days off but it got very lonely and it was hard not getting a pep talk off my mum when I wanted one. Initially everyone was soo nice, I got on the best with Viv, Katie , Tom and Clinton, but as everyone already knows I didnt get on with Debbie Debonair, I found her too confrontational. I dont appreciate being called sweety just because someone cant be bothered to learn how to pronounce my name! Its not hard Fi-Nu-La! We even had a big run-in in the house on one of our days off all because I asked her if she wanted some shepards pie for dinner, it ended in me being so frustrated I burst in to tears( which is not and unusual thing for me), I had never been attacked verbally like that before and I hated being called a silly child and told to stay out of adult business. Sorry we are all adults in this house love its shepards pie not current affairs!! As I have learned in life, people might be nice normally but personalitys clash and we definitly clashed! 

Ok so the house was amazing, four floors big sitting room, big bedrooms, and a fridge stocked with food what more could you want( maybe time to eat the food would have been nice??) The first day we met Kelly and picked our models, I didnt like mine from the start, lovely girl I just prefer a curvier sportier model, then it was time to do our first chalenge. I thought it was terrible, not just because I was in the bottom two but because we were given 30 seconds to look through some ones warddrobe and pick anything. Now I enjoy deconstructing old clothes and rummaging around charity shops for a good find, well a good find there was not in jules’s wardrobe! I ended up with some terrible polyester chiffon and weird jeans in 30 secs, no one and I mean no one could come up with something good with them!! Stupid me I had thought our first challenge would be a perfect oportunity to show what we could really do!!!but obviously not.So me and Tom were there in the bottom 3, gutted, especially seeing as we knew we shouldnt have been there( there were others a lot more deserving of the bottom 3 spot), but anyways we survived to tell the tale and I was determined to proove myself  in the next challenge! The next brief wasnt much better, im not good with designing on the spot, I dont know many designers who are, I need to see the fabric and colour im using see how it drapes, most times I do a quick pattern sew it up and see what looks good and what doesnt and go from there so pitching and idea to Nancy Del Olio didnt go too well. I worked with Viv on her kingfisher dress, I loved it so it was easy to work with Viv on that one but she didnt know where to start so I did a lot of the draping and the bodice work(something I love to do now that I didnt before), I was delighted how that one turned out, the colour and the fit it all suited model ashley soo well and I got such a thrill seeing her strutt down that catwalk! My favourite challenge had to be the Firetrap challenge, thats when I really showed what I can do! Im a good leader, ive been told that before so i was delighted when i got to be team leader, its just a pity angie got terrible fabrics!! At the time I had to be a good leader and say ” ok angie if you say the shop was crap the shop was crap” I had to say that to the cameras but hello it was Shepards bush!!Goldhawk Rd is like a treasure trove so i slipped up there sending her i think but i was scared jaspar would come back with totally outrageous stuff we couldnt use. In the end we had just plain terrible stuff we could barely use!!i still very happy with how our collection turned out despite the set back. One main thing that really annoyed me was painting the backdrop for the window, im a visual merchandiser by day so i knew what we had to do. Angie didnt understand what me and jasper were trying to do, we were stuck with what we could do seeing as she only got pastel colours so we were trying to do a kinda Keith Haring thing with big naive blocks of colour with an old school hip hop look so we drew the firetrap  symbols over the blocks of colour. I thought it looked good in the end but no one else liked it and it really got to me, I was trying to work myself out of a hole, an Angie shaped hole!

True genius does not live up to expectation, it shatters it!(thanks for the quote Paula Abdul)

When I got eliminated from the show the first person I called was MCK, I couldnt even get the words out for all the crying  but she knew it was me on the phone and within the hour I was at her hall door suitcase(a very heavy suitcase) in hand and she had a cup of tea and a box of tissues waiting. Now thats a true friend!

thats all for now  xoxo(gossip girl) (HA!) fionnuala!


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