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    Im a Semi-Celebrity…….Please remember me!!

im a semi celebrity...leave them behind!!
im a semi celebrity…leave them behind!!

 Ok dont get me wrong im a big fan of The Hills, Laguna Beach(not so much The City), but I mainly watch them to see what to see what other stupid shit they are going to get themselves involved in. Spidey fight, they get back together, they fight again and they get married??(oh and she spends her wedding day tweeting updates of how much shes enjoying the day mmmm believable??) and now they are set to go one step beyond that again………….and enter the jungle. is there no ends these people will go to to make money, or is it infact a chance to grab the slightest bit of fame they can, all in all its a bit sad.

This newish phenomenon of being famous for just being slightly famous is a sad state of affairs, in years to come Heidi (and millions like her)will still be trying to flog her story to any old magazine……you remember me dont u…I was on a tv show once, I had a god awful clothing line,  I had somekind of god awful song and video that was huge on you tube!! In my opinion the world had (yes I mean had!)so much money it seemed like a great idea at the time to pump money into these young stars, this is fine if they have the talent to back them up, but these girls are good at…well looking good, and even the best branding in the world wont see you on a sure thing.

Dont even get me started on LC, what the hell, she might be a lovely girl and im all about having business savvy being an entrepreneur, branding yourself, but hello if you dont succeed at something dont just try your hand at everything. Yes shes going down the book route, she has written a novel based on a girl being followed around being filmed in LA..mmm..she really took a big leap there. Isnt writing a novel not about you but is infact really about you a cop out, did she not have the balls to just write and autobiography (thought there is way too many of them floating about) and tell all the gossip without hiding behind an alter ego?

    Her first failure (that is a bit harsh…but true)  was  the Lauren Conrad Collection, to me it was  the most bog standard and over priced range I have ever seen. 

boring with leggings,boring with leggings,boring with tights

boring with leggings,boring with leggings,boring with tights

If I had produced that standard of work in college I would have been kicked out, ok some of it is nice, a bit twee a lot safe. Its not what i would have expected from someone who is always dressed so well, there is the rumour that she had little involvement in the design process and that infact someone else designed it?? she insists this isnt true by saying  her collection was a “dream come true” (really its more a nightmare to me, what an oportunity wasted) I have heard that she wants to do more of a high-end line in the future with more expensive…im very iffy on this, in my opinion until you have actually made gowns its impossible to design them,granted I dont know the girl but if she had that definitly would have been highlighted previously in” The Hills”.

Whitney is the only one among them who has a bit of cop on and talent, and even she had the sense to move on to bigger (and hopefully better) things. She also had balls not to jump on the “brand wagon”, Heidi should have done that…..Heidiwood…..enough said!

As I just said that I googled Whitney, Im ashamed to say yes she does have her own line (Whitney Eve) and yes it is very very over priced. A plain black chiffon skirt is $198 and a simple floral dress is $340, shocking!! Aboslute!! all comments welcome



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Sinead shows how its done

Sinead shows how its done

Cant touch


This week I spotted Sinead keogh rocking harem pants, now normally I wouldnt be into this kind of thing at all but sinead has a way of making anything look good. Sinead got this pair in Berska, but similar kinds can be found right accross the high street.

Until recently they were cluttering the back of peoples wardrobes, relic’s from the 1980’s, and we have one man to thank for bringing them out of the “Harem” and in to fruitition…….MC Hammer. The parachute pants were the thing to have, but the trend of the moment is a lot more clean and tailored, and  a lot more cool looking then you might think?


Main things to remember, they have to be worn with chunky high shoes or ankle boots (channel the Olsen twins and your on the right track). Because they are so loose around the crotch and the knees, like Sinead, you must balance out the top half with something more tightly fitted and simple in its shape (over sized T’s are a no no here). Sinead has topped the look off with a side plait with a twist,which is bang on trend, a discarded piece of jersey cut from the bottom of a dress that was once too long is woven in with the plait to give this look something a little extra!!


Now dont get me wrong, you wont see me wearing them ( unfortunately I dont have the body shape or the want). There is a solution though, the taper legged trouser, similar to the harem pant but a lot more flattering and cropped to the shin normally with a rolled up cuff. A lot of Irish people dont like to try anything too mad and like to keep it safe, so I think the taper legged, or peg legged trouser is the way to go. (I have my eye on a certain pair of dove grey ones, Im not afraid to admit Im building up the balls to buy them)         

   Alexander McQueen, Chloe, and Betsey Johnson show how the trend should be rocked

Alexander McQueen,Chloe,and Betsey Johnson show how the trend should be worn


MC Hammer, a real patern to make them at home, scary Leave me a comment, tell me what you think of Harem pants??

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R3 fashion show 09

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The Darling Buds

The Darling Buds

R3 fashion show 09
R3 fashion show 09


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, that was the motto of the R3 fashion competition 09.

I had high hopes for the entrants in this years highly anticipated student fashion competition. I judged the event alongside Miss Universe Ireland and stylist Emily O Donnell, and my latest collection was being previewed on the night before the competition took place. To be honest i had been so busy sewing for weeks previous that i didnt even think about the judging  part until i was sitting in the hot seat, then i began to feel the pressure. I had high expectations for the competitors on the night, and as it was a recycling competiton i was looking for a clever use of materials.
I wasnt disapointed, the outfits ranged from the wierd to the wonderful and everything from jigsaws to old records were used. Now I have to be honest, there was a lot of bad outfits, not terrible, but it seemed like they hadnt been thought through properly and looked a little slap-dash on the night. For me there were three or four clear finalists, one being the Darling Buds, a clever use of old flowers and I was impressed by the fit of the garment it was really something u would have seen on the high street.  We asked to go back stage to see all the garments up close, to be a bit nosey really, and I was very surprised how repetitive a few of them were, a lot of melted plastic and melted plastic, come on guys this has all been done to death before has no one done their research here?  One outfit that really popped to me was Tokyo Trash, it was genius, kidswear, nobody else thought outside the box, it was right on trend full of candy colours and was made from the remnants of a childs birthday party and even came with its own sun parasol. Trashionistas was another one that really caught my eye, old bicycle tyres were cut in to strips and the finished piece resembled a twenties flapper dress,  a real show stopper.
The winner for me hands down was Katie Ryans “Fare Frocks” and was made from wire from a building site and 436 bus tickets. When I saw her model come down the catwalk I seriously thought I was seeing things, I could have sworn it was made from lace she manipulated the bus tickets so well, very Alexander McQueen. I was even more impressed when I found out that she hadnt even done her leaving cert yet, I can only imagine what her portfolio is like.
"Fare Frocks"

"Fare Frocks"My own collection on the night got a great response, and I was delighted it all looked to good, theres nothing more thrilling then seeing your hard work go down a catwalk. Id like to say a big thank you to all the models who helped with the event, Aoife,Sinead,Fran, Michelle,Megan, Jodie, and Joy, as well as Ciara on hair and Terri on make-up. You all did a great job girls thank you so much. A big thank you has to go to photographer Lynn Rothwell who took all the photos for the mini photoshoot we had on the day. And thanks to Stillorgan College of Further Education for asking me to be involved with the event.Me, Emily, and Lynn picking the winner

The winner with the big cheque

The winner with the big cheque

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