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Amy Heffernan, right on trend.

Amy Heffernan, right on trend.

At the Galway fashion Revolution I bumped into Amy Heffernan and I just had to take her picture!! shes bang on trend with an amazing sequined jacket(which I  recently found out is from Penneys , 21 euros what a bargain!!which I was surprised by I thought it was All Saints or the likes!!)

Anyways, Amy looked like (in my opinion)a young Kirsten Dunst, and was rocking this seasons platformed ankle boots and tight black mini-skirt combo! A plain loose white vest and similarly loose hair creates an altogther laid back , I didnt try too hard look, effortless cool( plus I love the minimal accesories and simple headband). Thanks for posing for a picture Amy, sorry it took so long for me to put it up!

Laid back cool

Laid back cool



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Sinead shows how its done

Sinead shows how its done

Cant touch


This week I spotted Sinead keogh rocking harem pants, now normally I wouldnt be into this kind of thing at all but sinead has a way of making anything look good. Sinead got this pair in Berska, but similar kinds can be found right accross the high street.

Until recently they were cluttering the back of peoples wardrobes, relic’s from the 1980’s, and we have one man to thank for bringing them out of the “Harem” and in to fruitition…….MC Hammer. The parachute pants were the thing to have, but the trend of the moment is a lot more clean and tailored, and  a lot more cool looking then you might think?


Main things to remember, they have to be worn with chunky high shoes or ankle boots (channel the Olsen twins and your on the right track). Because they are so loose around the crotch and the knees, like Sinead, you must balance out the top half with something more tightly fitted and simple in its shape (over sized T’s are a no no here). Sinead has topped the look off with a side plait with a twist,which is bang on trend, a discarded piece of jersey cut from the bottom of a dress that was once too long is woven in with the plait to give this look something a little extra!!


Now dont get me wrong, you wont see me wearing them ( unfortunately I dont have the body shape or the want). There is a solution though, the taper legged trouser, similar to the harem pant but a lot more flattering and cropped to the shin normally with a rolled up cuff. A lot of Irish people dont like to try anything too mad and like to keep it safe, so I think the taper legged, or peg legged trouser is the way to go. (I have my eye on a certain pair of dove grey ones, Im not afraid to admit Im building up the balls to buy them)         

   Alexander McQueen, Chloe, and Betsey Johnson show how the trend should be rocked

Alexander McQueen,Chloe,and Betsey Johnson show how the trend should be worn


MC Hammer, a real patern to make them at home, scary Leave me a comment, tell me what you think of Harem pants??

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